The Ease.My.Health story is a service-oriented healthcare advisory founded and run by the team of Care2Cure Health Services Pvt. Ltd. which is based in Mumbai.

We are an enthusiastic start-up that strives passionately to making HEALTHCARE easy. We were born out of a need felt by the Founders in organising healthcare for aging family members from a distance. How they themselves wished and searched for such a service! And when they couldn’t find one, they decided to quit their high profile jobs at leading FMCG and Technology Consulting companies to set up Care2Cure in early 2010. The founders are graduates of IIT Delhi and the Indian School of Business at Hyderabad and have a background of IT Strategy and Marketing consulting with large Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies in India and abroad.

We would like to redefine management of healthcare delivery and be leaders in tech-enabled healthcare management. Our combo-model of online & offline service takes the best of technology and delivers superior on ground service – we call it ‘Tech-enabled healthcare, but with a human heart’ and believe that is the best way to put CARE into HEALTHCARE. The best way to ensure Healthcare is by making its access easy to the consumer, hence –

Why Us

Access to network: we have the best-in-class health partners like Doctors, Specialists, Hospitals, Pathology labs, Paramedical professionals, Nursing bureaus, health tiffin services, etc.

Carefully chosen Network Partners: Our network is not the largest, but it certainly does have the best resources on board. Doctors can join our network only through peer recommendation – that ensures that the EaseMyHealth network has only the best Specialists, handpicked by their peers. Pathology labs, Hospitals, etc. are thoroughly scanned before they join the network – and are recommended by Doctors.

Old is Gold: In the case of the elderly, we understand that they have a comfort factor with Doctors who have been known to them over the years, so we also accommodate requests to manage relationships with their current healthcare providers.

Pure healthCARE: We get the drudgery related to administrative processes like taking appointments, filling forms, organising health records, etc out of healthcare for both patients and healthcare providers – so that they can focus on just the HEALTHCARE part.

Transparent Fees and Charges: Our Service fees are clear and upfront. Every Health Plan entitles the beneficiaries to certain health services, charges of which are already covered. For the rest, the beneficiary would have to pay the healthcare provider directly. Our health network partners also offer special discounts to EMH’s customers.

We’re Flexible: We realise that each situation is unique, so we are patient in hearing out your special requests – be it arranging for a nurse, or arranging for you to cover hospitalisation costs, etc. We are enablers for healthcare services and try our best to help in any way possible. If there is something that is beyond us, we will tell you so and still hope that you find the best solution anyway.

The service way: We are a services-oriented company, and we are not here to sell more than you need - we are here to care for your loved ones...and above all, we’re here to ‘Ease your health’!

Best of tech-enabled healthcare: One of the advantages of Online/Tele consultations is access to the best medical consultants from the comfort of your own space (home/office). We have enabled the EaseMyHealth system to let you share reports, etc. online directly with your chosen doctor so that you have the benefit of easy direct access to the Specialist and can get accurate medical opinion from them.

We encourage you to try out our one-time plans first to get a first-hand feel of our services. We are sure that you will come back for a longer association.

Do feel free to reach us at for any queries or feedback.

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