Ease My Diet

The first step towards getting healthy is having the right diet…Are you eating right? Can you make incremental changes that can make your lifestyle healthier? Have you tried consulting an online Nutritionist/ Dietician?

Consult an experienced and qualified Nutritionist over email or phone in the comfort of your home for weight loss, weight gain and special needs like diabetes diet, pregnancy diet, etc.

Our advice is based on your regular diet, and takes into account your likes and dislikes.

Our Methodology:

  • Answer a simple questionnaire and record your food and drink intake for three days.
  • Once our Nutritionist has analysed your diet, you will have a comprehensive email or phone based consultation with the Nutritionist
  • In case you have long term weight loss or weight gain milestones, you can opt for our 1/2/3 month plans, basis your goals.

Ease my diet realises that the best way to stick to a diet plan is if you have a strong intent and if we make things very easy for you!


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