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All about

  • What is EaseMyHealth? is a consumer- centric health portal that makes managing healthcare easy with a combination of expert healthcare professionals and user friendly technology.
On the portal you can do the following:
arrow  Get Specialist Opinion on your Health problems on web/phone
arrow  Consult with a Psychiatrist on web/phone
arrow  Consult with a Nutritionist via web/phone
arrow  Get authentic information, verified details and ground coordination on treatment options in India
arrow  Get help with managing healthcare of parents living independently in India (services currently available in Mumbai)

Elderly care

  • Who will be conducting the home visit?

The home visit will be conducted by a Health Manager who is a qualified Sr. Nurse or Paramedical professional. The safety of our elderly beneficiaries is our prime concern and hence:
arrow Each Health Manager will be carefully selected after thorough background checks and referrals by Doctors/Hospitals.
arrow The Ease.My.Health representative can be physically distinguished by:
     - Branded ‘Ease.My.Health’ uniform
     - Carries a photo-id card which will be shown at the time of entry to the house of the beneficiary

  • Will this be like a 24-hr nurse service?

No. The Health Manager helps you manage elderly care remotely by helping your beneficiary to access the best of healthcare available. The Health Manager will do regular health checks during home visits as per the subscription plan and whenever the need so arises. The health manager will ensure access our network of Doctors, Hospitals, Diagnostic centres, Nursing Bureaus, etc. to the beneficiary based on his/her health needs.

  • What services are covered in the fees?

The details of each one time plans are available at plans.php and those of annual plans have been mentioned at plans.php
Any other Doctor consultation fees, Diagnostic costs, Hospitalisation charges, etc. will be paid directly by the beneficiary.
Some EaseMyHealth partners will also offer 10-20% discounts on consultation, 20% off on diagnostic tests, 7% discount & free home delivery of medicines, etc. This will vary from partner to partner and will be informed to the beneficiary at the time of taking an appointment.
In special circumstances, In case you would like to sponsor treatment costs as well, we can help with channels like Western Union Money Transfer, etc. to mobilise finances to the beneficiary.

  • What if none of the standard EaseMyHealth plans suit my (parent’s) requirement?

In case none of the standard plans suit your requirement, please fill the form at or write to us at and we shall revert with a customised solution for you.

  • Who decides the Doctor/Specialist for consultation for elderly care plans?

EaseMyHealth has three options for specialist consultation, where:
arrow EaseMyHealth suggests a Doctor and also liaises with him/her (Network doctors offer 10% discount on consulting fees)
arrow In cases where an ongoing Doctor-patient relationship exist s (and has been working well), we liaise with the same doctor but add value by coordinating from taking appointments to understanding ongoing treatment and advice of Doctors (and reporting the same to children), following up on the compliance of medicines, tests, etc by the patient.
arrow EaseMyHealth liaises with any other Doctor as per your request, even outside of our network (We cannot assure any discounts here)

  • How are emergency situations handled?

We have tied up with a leading emergency response service in Mumbai. A four digit easy to remember number is given to the elderly beneficiary (it functions like 911in US). The service provider promises a 9 minute in response time and with its cardiac ambulance it ensures quick transport to almost 300 hospitals Mumbai. The service provider also calls up EaseMyhealth who ensures that the health manager becomes available as soon as possible.
Please note that once the emergency rescue operation has been completed and the patient has been admitted, all regular hospital and medical treatment bills/expenses will be borne by the patient.

  • How are situations of hospitalisation handled?

If the beneficiary is in need for hospitalisation, the Health Manager will first get a referral from the concerned specialist and then contact the local family member listed as the ‘Emergency Contact’ and request for his/her presence at the hospital at the time of admission (for signing of approval forms). The Health Manager will handle all the administrative details, and the deposit payment, etc needs to done as per the hospital regulations by the beneficiary or his/her family. In special cases, we would be happy to coordinate with money transfer facilities, direct online payment, etc. to the hospital so that the process is totally hassle-free for the patient.
EaseMyHealth can also arrange for hospital attendants, tiffin services, etc if required.

  • How does reporting to children / next-of-kin work? What kind of updates do they get from the Health Manager?

The person subscribing to the Elderly care service gets a login & password for his/her EaseMyHealth web account. On taking additional subscriptions, you can add multiple elderly care profiles to a single a login as well.
The Health Manager sends regular online reports including monthly health status (during the visit) and weekly phone call report on the EMH website account. In addition, the Health Manager shall also upload reports of diagnostic tests, etc.
For any clarifications, a query can be raised to the Health Manager through the website. And in the case of annual plans, the Health Manager’s contact number will be available to both the parents & children/next of kin and can be reached during 9am to 7pm IST.

Tele/ Online consultation with specialists(doctors, psychiatrists, nutritionists)

  • When does the Specialist respond to my query?

The Specialist doctor shall respond to your email query with 24 hrs and will confirm the call schedule within the same period (so that the consultation call can happen at a mutually convenient time).

  • Will the doctor also send me a prescription for medication?

No. Kindly use this service to avail diagnostic and second opinion services. It is dangerous to start medication without a physical examination by a Physician.

  • How do I know the credentials of the specialist?

Kindly read through the profile of each doctor at the time of selection for consultation. We have uploaded verified information about their educational qualification and professional background along with their photograph.

  • Who are the specialist?

EaseMyHealth Doctors are qualified medical practitioners have a license to practice in their own country / state.

Using the website

  • Do I need to register?

Yes, registration is required to subscribe to any of EaseMyHealth services. Our registration process is one of the simplest on the Internet - it takes less than a minute.

  • What if I forget my password?

In case you forget your password, you can always reset your own password. If you have any difficulty in retrieving password OR logging in, please send an email to from your registered email id and we will be happy to help you.

Payments and Claiming for Refund

  • What are the payment options available to me?

We accept payments by Paypal. We accept all major credit cards. In case you want to make a payment in INR, kindly write to us and we will guide you to make a direct payment to our Corporate Account.

  • When can I claim for a refund?

In case of online/phone consultations, if you are not satisfied by the EaseMyHealth Service, kindly write back to us at – we will try to resolve your problem. If you are still not convinced with the resolution, you can claim for refund of your amount paid to EaseMyHealth. Your money will be refunded in total within 3 days.

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