The Healthy Life Offer

Awareness of current health status + Maintaining good health = Healthy life!!

First, test yourself on 66 markers that comprehensively measure all the aspects of your wellness ( View sample report).

The test is based on blood and urine samples that will be collected from the comforts of your home (anywhere in India). Reports will be couriered to you and also sent online.

Then, consult an experienced and qualified Nutritionist over the phone for weight loss, weight gain and special needs like diabetes diet, etc.

  • Answer a simple questionnaire and record your food and drink intake for three days.
  • Once our Nutritionist has analysed your diet and your test reports, a preliminary diet chart will be prepared for you. You will then have a comprehensive phone based consultation with the Nutritionist after which the final chart will be prepared
  • The advice is based on your regular diet, and takes into account your likes and dislikes.

Special offer price Rs. 3000  Rs. 2250 (Fit offer : get another 250 off if all your test results come within the normal range)

Send us an email at or call at +91 9987997880 in case you want to avail this for youself yourself or want to gift it to someone you know.

*Offers available for longer term diet consultation plans 1/2/3 months as well.

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