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Are you feeling stressed? Depressed? Lonely?
You can seek help from qualified Psychiatrists / Psychologists / Counselors online or on phone from the comfort of your home

  • Open up your mind to our experienced and qualified Psychiatrists / Psychologists / Counselors in utmost confidentiality
  • Seek counselling over email and phone for problems like depression, eating disorders, anxiety, etc.
  • An online Psychiatrist / Psychologist / Counselor may be more approachable, especially if you have not decided about getting into long term therapy or if you only want a professional diagnosis. An online/ tele-counselling session with our qualified Healthcare Professional will help make a diagnosis if you have a medical/psychopathological/problematic condition and guide you in resolving it as best possible.

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Shraddha C. Sankulkar

Qualification:   M. A (Psychology), Psychology lecturer
Hospital/Clinic:  Mind Matterz
Practicing Psychologist offering psychological Counseling and Guidance


Note: The information provided on easemyhealth.com is designed to support and supplement, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and
his/her health professional. We recommend that the site visitor meet a Physician for an in-person diagnosis before taking any treatment or medication for their medical condition.

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