Our Services

Ease Elderly Care

Ease elderlycare: Makes managing the care of your loved ones easy

  • Get help to manage the health of elderly parents or relatives living independently
  • One-time service offerings like Comprehensive Health Assessment, Home visits for the elderly, etc.
  • Comprehensive annual plans for health management and emergency services.
  • Customised solutions for special requests

Ease My DocAdvice

Tele/ Online Consulting with Specialist Doctors

  • Easy access to consult Specialists like Cardiologists, Endocrinologist, Oncologist, Gynaecologist, etc. (or any other specialist) via email or phone
  • Share your reports through our secure website and get a second opinion in case you are already seeking treatment options
  • Experts will go through your query and supporting reports in detail and respond within 24 hours

Ease My Health-trip

Ease my heath trip: Plan and organize world class healthcare treatments in India

  • No agent/commission sought like other ‘health tourism’ operators – hence get unbiased treatment options suggested at a transparent coordination fee
  • Explore treatment options with the world class doctors & facilities in India at a fraction of the cost in US/Europe Get a professional to organise your trip including liaison with hospital/doctor, travel, companion accommodation,interpreter, etc

Ease My Mind

Ease my mind: Consult a psychiatrist online

  • Open up your mind to our experienced and qualified Psychiatrists in utmost confidentiality
  • Seek counselling over email and phone for problems like depression, eating disorders, etc.

Ease My Diet

Ease my mind: Consult a dietician online

  • Consult an experienced and qualified Nutritionist over email or phone
  • Get customised diet plans and measure your results

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